Could You Make it From Melbourne to Townsville in a $400 Bomb?

Pete and Rob, Danes’ mates, are amongst the flock of cheap cars making the trip from the country’s South to North for the Shitbox Rally raising money for the Cancer Council.

The Shitbox Rally Journey. Source:

Teams must raising donations, find a bomb and make the journey from Melbourne in Townsville, in the hope that their shitbox makes the 3614km journey.

In a ploy to raise the minimum $5000 to join the rally, Pete has spent the last three months completing challenges for donations decided by a spinning wheel.

Would you pierce your bellybutton for a good cause? Pete did. Be like Pete.

These have included waxing his bits, piercing his bellybutton and eating the world’s hottest chilli. Check out all of his bad life decisions on his Instagram.

Pete on the road to Birdsville with their shitbox for team Captain Basil’s Theremin.

Pete chatted to Cam and Danes on the show this morning, from his stopover in Birdsville. Pete gives them his road trip car entertainment hacks for their upcoming Friendtrip to the Port Macquarie Beer and Cider festival.

Get stuck in:

Donate to their team, Captain Basil’s Theremin here.