Could You Get Lunch with A Blindfold?

Today is White Cane Day, a day designed to raise awareness for the independence of visually impaired people and to promote equal opportunities, and Millie Greg and Lettsy were right on it.

Today Lettsy (who is visually impaired) set Greg a challenge, of going and ordering lunch… with a catch. He had to go blindfolded with a cane.

Greg had to walk a short distance from the studio to Oporto, but it proved a little harder than first thought, with Greg getting lost and even somehow doing a full 180 degree turn without knowing at one point.

Check out the video and audio below.

To raise awareness for White Cane Day, Lettsy sent Greg the challenge to go down and get lunch. Turns out he hasn’t mastered it yet

Posted by NEXT Radio on Monday, October 14, 2019

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