Costa Georgiadis to the Rescue!

Gardening deity Costa – Yes, just like God and Madonna, he needs only one name – has cast aside everybody’s disparaging remarks about Millie’s ability to keep her friends’ houseplants alive and bestowed wise words of encouragement.

Sounding like the Steve Irwin of gardening Millie, Greg and Lettsy spoke with the green thumbed guru.

He doled out sage life advice amongst practical gardening tips; including washing Millie’s chives in warm soapy water to rid them of their black aphids.

Finally catapulting Millie into a starstruck heaven, Costa graciously agreed to let her “lovingly” stroke his magnificent beard – surpassing every other milestone of her life.

Listen above to the magical interview with Costa. (Millie: Please do, so there are more witnesses to Costa agreeing to let me stroke his stunning beard!)