Coldplay’s New Album Teased with disappearing Poster

Old Timey: Strange Coldplay poster appears for a few hours in Brazil then disappears within hours

How strange.

Coldplay‘s rumoured “experimental” album for 2019 appears to have been teased with a mysterious poster in São Paulo, Brazil.

Chris Martin and co. are said to be making an “arty” album, ahead of dropping a more “mainstream” effort which is set for a 2020 release.

“The first album is the more experimental side of Coldplay, they probably won’t tour until 2020 when the next one arrives,” a source recently told newspaper The Daily Star.

Amid these whispers, a fansite reported today that promotional artwork for the first LP had appeared in São Paulo. The outlet claims that the poster was put up at Paulista metro station, only to be removed from public view just hours later.

How strange.

The black and white vintage-inspired shot, which sees the band sat with German philosopher, poet, and composer Friedrich Nietzsche, displays the date November 22, 1919.

Fans are now speculating that this points towards the album release date or the arrival of the project’s lead single. It’s also said that the promo poster had been put up early by mistake, and was meant to go on display this Thursday – meaning our first taste of material could arrive by the end of this week.

How strange.