Chrissy Mae Valentine Brings Bubblegum Pop to Western Sydney

Understatedly strong, sweet and sentimental Chrissy Mae Valentine draws you into her Doja Cat-esque x KPOP persona with lyrical lullaby ‘432’.

A Filipina singer-songwriter and storyteller Chrissy Mae began her career on stage as a singer and dancer performing in musicals, notably PMCC’s production of “In the Heights” where she was cast as “Vanessa” and Packemin’s Production of Miss Saigon. Her stage work eventually took her to working as an actress in Film and TV productions.

Celebrating single life, last VALENTINE’s day, Chrissy dropped her debut pop party track “Solo” which had it’s radio debut on FBi Radio’s Valentine’s day Brunch Special with Isa and received attention from “The Snacc Pacc” At FBi Radio as well. She also scored overseas play on London based radio station, artFix YMx Radio. 

In contrast her latest single, ‘432’ dares to dig deeper and explores the vulnerabilities of moving on from a past relationship. She says: “It’s a reflection. It’s holding space for someone gone. It’s not being fully healed and missing an old relationship. If love is a party, ‘432’ is the aftermath, the comedown, the after-after party.”  

Drawing on the 1950’s and a luxurious colour palette, award winning filmmaker Jason Queue brings 432’s themes of loneliness and longing to life. His experience in beauty (Clinique, Dermalogica, Cleo, Wengie, Mark and Scribe, SBS Kpop Asia) shine through with his elegant approach in retelling the classic film “Breakfast at Tiffanys” with an oriental twist and all asian cast. 

For this track, Chrissy Mae Valentine teamed up with childhood friend, long time collaborator and music producer, Bencio, to create the lyrical tune. Bencio is recognised for his amazing guitar shredding over beats with notable artists such as MAXINE, Mike Champion, L-FRESH the LION and Jessica Jade.

Listen to 432 below on Spotify!

Chrissy chatted with Owen and Charlie on the breakfast show this morning about her new song and life for a creative during lockdown. Listen to their chat below!

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