Chris Hemsworth’s Career Change

Chris Hemsworth’s Career Change

After making a surprise appearance on the Today show this week, the Hollywood megastar has returned with plans of a career change. 

He’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but Chris Hemsworth has joked about making a career change. It might come as a surprise, but this down to earth honey had him feet firmly on the ground.  

The 37-year-old joked that if “acting doesn’t pan out” he could try his hand at being a weatherman. 

Host Allison Langdon gave him the idea when she praised his weather reading skills after he crashed the weekend Today weather presenter Lauren Phillips last month   

Chris Hemsworth doesn’t post too many photos and videos of his kids, but the dad-of-three has shared a rare snippet of what parenting is like in the Hemsworth/Pataky household. 

Hemsworth took to instagram to share a candid clip of his six-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha that showed just how much of a-down-to-earth dad he is.In the video, the twins climb a set of steps dressed in full snorkelling gear – flippers, masks and boardies – as their dad films them from behind. 

“’Can we go snorkelling dad?! ‘Sure, can kids’ Unfortunately we weren’t near a beach this day, but “being the dad I am we got geared up and went for a stroll #makingdreamscometrue,” Chris captioned the video. 

“’Can we go snorkelling dad?! ‘Sure, can kids’ Unfortunately not near a beach but get dressed”

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