Celeste Barber Says Instagram Needs to Stop Their Body Shaming

Instagram has issued an apology to beloved Australian comedian Celeste Barber after restricting a semi-nude photo that she re-created a picture from Victoria’s Secret model Candace Swanepoel.

When Barber’s fans attempted to share her post, the platform notified them that it violated the “community guidelines on nudity or sexual activity,” while they were free to share Swanepoel’s post.

Celeste’s Instagram post in question

Celeste called out the social media platform as she posted on her Instagram story later that day:

“Hey Instagram, sort out your body-shaming standards, guys. It’s 2020. Catch up.”

Celeste Barber

Instagram’s local head of public policy, Philip Chua, said the incident shouldn’t have happened and the platform has “apologised directly to Celeste”.

Barber posted the photo as part of her #CelesteChallengeAccepted series, where she is famous for parodying the ridiculousness of model and celebrity images.

The platform says they are expecting to update their breast covering policies very soon, to make sure all body types are treated fairly.

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