Canberra Rapper Kirklandd Announces New Single and 2019 Tour

Canberra rapper Kirklandd has unveiled his biggest single yet, the memorable ‘knowbody‘. The song deals with the challenges of self-discovery and examines the power and sway of social media on people.

Kirklandd has been a part of the Canberra hip-hop community for the last four years. His music reflects the early origins of hip-hop but also diverges from some typical genre staples, including misogyny and drug glorification. Collaboration is an important part of his musical journey. He has worked with an array of local artists including Zellow, Genesis Owusu and Citizen Kay.

Kirklandd phoned in to NEXT’s studios to chat with Cam and Danes about ‘knowbody’, the Canberra music scene, mental health, social media, his upcoming tour plans and his dreams of collaborating with Billie Eilish.

If you’re about in November, catch Kirklandd on his Australian tour, which kicks off on October 30 in Melbourne before travelling to Sydney on November 28 and Canberra on December 7.

Hear Kirklandd’s full interview with Cam and Danes below: