Budget Analysis: More Misses than Hits?

The Federal Government’s budget has disappointed thousands of Australians because of its lack of a major commitment to renewable energy and Australians with disabilities.

Many believe Canberra missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remove our reliance from fossil fuels to renewables, according to research by the ABC, collected as Facebook Messages from subscribers.

“If the debt is set to blow out to almost $1 trillion by 2024, we (the government and people) will not be in a position to make provisions for climate change and it becomes more unlikely that the government will want to action anything at all,” Natalie E was quoted in the report.

“Disappointing to see the Government continue to deny funding for large-scale renewable energy technologies. As a young person, this ballooning out of debt, as well as the failure to act on climate change, bodes for a difficult future,” Logan C was quoted.

Australians with disabilities say that two $250 one-off payments announced by Treasurer Frydenberg do not address the ramifications of COVID 19.

“As a disability pensioner, the two payments of $250 that are months away will do nothing to assist with the increased costs of food and other essentials, “ Cathy S. was quoted in the report.

“There is no increase in pension rates at all, yet all other payments stay increased (I am not suggesting that Jobseeker payments return to the disgustingly low rate that Newstart was, just making the point) and yet the price gouging by supermarkets and utility providers continues.”

Low budget investment levels in Renewable Energy: A Missed Opportunity?
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