Breakfast Road – Your New Favourite Western Sydney Boy Band

Who doesn’t love a boy band ? Breakfast Road, the Western Sydney trio originating from Marayong, is our new favourite discovery. Infusing a unique blend of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock and Punk to influence their sound, these guys well on their way to international stardom.

Breakfast Road is not your average boy band. These talented musicians consist of Pete Deghaim as producer, vocalist and bassist, Briant Longabela on guitars and vocals, and Amandip Singh on drums and percussion. All their music is self written, self, performed and self produced – making this trio an unstoppable power house of talent.

Get to know the boys of Breakfast Road on Mornings With Helena, as they talk music, new releases, how they met plus more starting from Monday 25th October on Next FM via your iHeart Radio App.



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