Behind The Scene: The Warehouse

I’ll never forget the first proper DIY event I went to. It was in an abandoned warehouse in an industrial area known for it’s port and freight yard. The decor of the space had been covered in smiley faces and white paint proclaiming the name of the party SRS NRG 2.

Hundreds of people were dancing – dressed in neon spray jackets and bucket hats. Until the police came.

The sound of the police. Credit: Izabel Caligiore

After that I was sold.

But some questions remain. What was so alluring about this event? It was unquestionably dangerous not to mention the legal risks.

Well the new episode of Behind The Scene is out to answer these questions! A weird and wild journey through the motivations and thinking behind the thriving DIY and warehouse music scene in Sydney.

Join Nial as he explores why someone would risk it all for a party. Available now.