Beard Baiting Gets to Dating

Beard Baiting the new dating

Needless to say being locked up inside thanks to a pandemic, has allowed everyone to let themselves go a little, but it seems some are using that to their advantage,  males are finding themselves turning back to the caveman era, with wolly fuzz not only packing the top of their heads but their faces as well.  

Men are often being called out for their appalling dating behaviour or lack of, but this particular “deception” has got women across Australia drooling into buckets, men are deceiving women with their beards, and it’s working like a treat.  

This vigorous grooming technique has been dubbed a dating term “Beard Baiting”, is back in fashion. It’s deceptive in the fact that behind that bushy facade could be a very average face. A beard can hide a million things, like pimply skin, a small chin, a lack of jaw line, let’s be honest, if it’s sexy and groomed enough it can even hide a bland personality.  

Women have been known to hide a push up bra or two in the depths of our undies drawer to be brought out when we’re in need of a little pick me up. We’re like make-up Ninjas with our ability to hide a blemish or contour some cheek bones out of nowhere. The wonder bra, because when it’s taken off, you wonder where they’ve gone.  

“Bead Baiting”

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