Barack Obama Hits The Campaign Trail

He has waited until the last three weeks of the US presidential campaign but for Presidential hopeful Joe Biden, his former boss’s contribution to his push to unseat Donald Trump may yet prove invaluable. Barack Obama came out swinging yesterday in Philadelphia, blasting Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 220,000 Americans and infected nearly 8.4 million.

Obama is considered the Democrats biggest drawcard during this campaign and he wasted no time laying the blame of America’s current predicament squarely at the feet of trump. His speech, delivered at a campaign rally, appeared to provoke a response from Trump, who promoted the conspiracy theory that Obama was not born in the United States and that Osama Bin Laden was not actually killed during his presidency.

Biden leads Trump by 4.9 percentage points in Pennsylvania, according to the polling average. It is a decisive battleground state and Obama’s deployment there is a strategic move by the Democrats.

Obama contrasted the poor performance of Trump in the White House with Biden’s strong record as his Vice President for eight years, and also the impressive record and reputation of his running mate Kamala Harris.

The election takes place on 3 November 2020.

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