About NEXT

NEXT is a station that doesn’t make its listeners wait for what they want to hear.

We deliver up-to-the-minute talk programming for young professionals in the greater Sydney area across a diverse range of platforms, so no matter whether you want to listen, read, or watch, NEXT has you covered.

NEXT gets to the heart of what’s going on around us, from politics to pop culture. We want you to be entertained and up to date. That’s why we promise content that’s relevant and responsive to what’s happening, as it’s happening.

We keep you informed about the stories that matter and the news you need to know.

That’s why NEXT is More Than Music.

Our Mission Statement: At NEXT, we strive to deliver content that goes beyond the headlines to entertain and inform by hearing from the experts.

We promise to bring our listeners programming that’s more than music, more than headlines, more than gossip, and really gets to the heart of what we care about.