About NEXT

NEXT – Is a Youth music and talk station aimed at 18-24 year olds living in Western Sydney. We aim to bring a positive light and representation of what it’s like living in the western suburbs. Our secondary audience is 10-17 years olds.

Diverse – Western Sydney is an incredibly culturally diverse area. Almost 50% of people living in Western Sydney were born overseas. NEXT caters to and supports this diverse audience. Our content is inclusive, open, educational and fun.

Community – NEXT is a part of the community in Western Sydney. We support local businesses, local artists, local musicians. We look out for those who are struggling in our community, and celebrate those who are succeeding.

Young – We are a youth station. Our Demographic is composed of people moving on with the next phase of their life. That may be more education, an apprenticeship, starting a family, starting a business, or any combination of these things. Not all of our audience will be joining the workforce – but some will be. Not all of our audience will be seeking further education – but some will be. Not all of our audience is interested in starting a family – but some will be. Our audience is at a transitional point in their life when their interests are diverse. As a result, our content will cover a range of interests and ideas. These can include – Pop Culture, Film/TV, Video Games, Sport, News, Current Affairs, Environmentalism, Social Justice.

Social – Next is a representation of what it’s like being a young person living in Sydney.

Online – Our audience is online. They use social media – primarily Instagram – and engage heavily with digital content. NEXT will engage heavily with this digital aspect, creating a strong social media presence, as well as producing digital content that extends beyond promoting what goes to air.

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