A Woman Has Had A Live Cockroach Pulled From Her Ear – And The World Is No Longer Safe!

In proof cockroaches really can survive anything, a woman has had a live cockroach pulled from her ear, in Vietnam. 

Doctors believe it is likely the cockroach crawled in there to escape the wet weather. 

The woman was admitted to hospital in agony, where it took a whole two minutes to get the bug out, which is far too long in our opinion.

Producer Brooke has found an inventive way of stopping the bugs getting into her room – padding up the vents in her room with actual pads – yes you read that right!

Greg revealed on the Drive show that humans are supposedly mean to accidentally eat 10 spiders during our sleep in a lifetime, and this is just TMI.

We could have happily lived without being terrified of falling asleep. Thanks Greg!