A Well Orca-strated Attack

Go ahead and give that headline a quick reread. You’ve earned a laugh.

People trying to enjoy the last of the summer have found their boats the targets of orcas near Spain and Portugal.

In a series of events that have “baffled” researchers, pods of orcas have taken to ramming rudders to slow boats down.

No one has been hurt, which hasn’t stopped the haters slandering the largest member of the dolphin family.

It’s thought that the whales may have been motivated by revenge, with several having been injured by the rudders. Researchers also posit that the whales were just vibing.

Not the News’ Nikki Sitch — lacking confidence in her own ability to sabotage a ship — professed her admiration for the animals.

From the deck of the NEXT yacht, the ladies talk justice for killer whales, Brexiting lorry drivers, Andrew Bolt’s Twitter feed, and a retrospective on Michael Leunig’s career.

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