A Very Expensive Christmas Trip for Tamil Family

The Morrison government has spent nearly $27 million on Christmas Island since the facility was re-opened in February this year. The Prime Minister took the extraordinary step of re-establishing the offshore detention center in the wake of the controversial Medevac Laws being passed in parliament.But so far the detention center has only housed four detainees.

In fact the facility which has a staff of over 100 people sat empty from when it opened in February until August. It was only when the Tamil family from Biloela were moved to the offshore facility on August 31st that it served its purpose. The family of refugees have been held there indefinitely as they wait for a a final decision on their application for asylum.

Mike Pezzulllo, the Secretary for the Department of Home Affairs has defended the governments decision to reopen the detention facility, and indicated the department did not have a clear timeline for closing the facility, stating “At the moment we don’t have a determinating point for that period.”