A Decade of Internet Micro-Genres

Music Director Tyler was talking on-air today about how in 71 days or something it will be 2020, and the decade will be over. Tyler shared some of her favourite lyrics of the 2010’s including a very relatable classic from Courtney Barnett.

Reminiscing about the decade had me thinking about some other music which is pretty ‘of its time’. I mean if you weren’t trawling YouTube for micro-genres of music in the early 2010s were you even on the internet?

Credit: Classic Haunt

With thrown together names like Night Bus, Vaporwave, Seapunk and Witchhouse, these micro-genres lived and breathed in online spaces like Reddit and YouTube.

Whilst some tunes are pretty questionable. I mean Seapunk doesn’t do much for me personally…….there’s something for everyone.

Can’t fault the style though

Internet micro-genres are touted by some as everything that’s wrong with music today, endlessly creating sub-genres for slight variations of musical techniques that have been happening for decades.

But for me, when it was done right, it was everything that was great about the internet. Niche, strange and beloved by its community.

I always remember the day I stumbled across this Vaporwave track whilst mindlessly riding the algorithm.

Now that’s an album cover

If the internet is good for one thing, it’s for finding things you didn’t know existed but realise you love.

Let’s hope the next decade of micro-genres is just as interesting.

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