A Chat With Kadeli


After starting off on YouTube as Hipyo Tech, to releasing 2 singles with positive reception, Kadeli is making a great start in the indie music scene. After releasing a PSA music video onto his channel in March 2021, which received positive feedback from his audience, that’s when he started taking music seriously. Taking inspiration from Joji, Kid Laroi, and Keshi, he creates music based on his own personal stories and experiences.

Since the release of ‘Where U Going’ and ‘Serpentine’, he amassed a large listenership in Australia, Sydney being his top cities according to Spotify. Music has been something he’s been interested in since he was young and he is happy that there are people out there, especially those living on the other side of the world, who enjoys what he creates.

“I really want to visit Australia soon. Australia has always peaked my interest”


While the name behind the artist still remains a secret, Kadeli joins Eri as they talk about his musical journey and what’s in store for him in the future.

You can follow Kadeli on @KadeliMusic on Twitter and Instagram

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